LLA Cleaning Solutions Ltd is a local independent cleaning company based in Eastbourne East Sussex covering all of East Sussex.

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About LLA Cleaning Solutions

LLA Cleaning Solutions Ltd is a local independent cleaning company based in Eastbourne East Sussex covering all of East Sussex. We clean all types of properties including residential houses, apartments, plus offices & commercial buildings, at affordable, competitive prices!

We will ensure we not only clean your windows but also your window frames and ledges, to make sure they are free from dirt and debris.

Though we primarily do Window Cleaning, we also specialise in other services such as Gutter Clearing, Solar Panel & Facia/Soffit Cleaning.

All our staff are properly trained professionals all wearing company uniforms. We pride ourselves on our customer service, we can even text or email you the day before we are coming if you provide us with your details. We also offer up to date payment ways including BACS and PayPal for our customer’s convenience.

Our Services

Our Services

Windows Cleaning
Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning
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Gutter Clearing using an industrial power wet-vac and specially designed suction poles we can reach up and into the gutters and vacuum out all the debris without having to use ladders or access equipment.

The dirt and debris is collected in the vacuum cylinder for easy disposal.

The vacuum poles allow us to reach up to 15 metres high. These poles also allow us to reach difficult areas.

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Facias, Soffits, Cladding or Weather Boarding Cleaning

Facias, Soffits, Cladding or Weather Boarding Cleaning
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Most Properties have Facias, Soffits, Cladding or Weather Boarding.

Normally these are made from UPVC, Using our telescopic water fed poles and brushes we are able to reach and access these up to 15 metres.

The Pure Water we use can cut through the dirt build up and keep them clean and looking there best.

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Areas We Cover

We provide our service in Eastbourne and all the surrounding areas including: Hailsham, Seaford, Bexhill, Hastings, Battle, Rye, Brighton, Lewes, Uckfield & anywhere else in East Sussex.

Areas We Cover

Pay Us

We accept the following methods of payment:


Bank Transfer

Account: 52216191
Sort Code: 40-20-06
Pay: LLA Cleaning Solutions Ltd
Ref: Property Name


Payable to: LLA Cleaning Solutions Ltd
Please write your address on the back of the cheque and send to the address on the card.


Frequently Asked Questions about out Cleaning Services.
How does Pure Water Window Cleaning work?
Water is Purified using a process called Reverse Osmosis which takes out all the dirt & minerals that could leave marks on the glass.

Then special lightweight poles & brushes are used to access windows from ground level, so no need for ladders.

The brush rubs all the dirt from the glass and surrounding frames & sills then the whole window is rinsed with the Pure Water which will dry clean with NO marks.
Will I have the same cleaner every time?
Yes. We do our best to keep the same cleaner at the same household and we promise a temporarily cover if your regular cleaner falls sick or goes on holiday.
How do I make payment?
You can pay your cleaner by Cash on the day or leave the money out for him. Alternatively you can pay by PayPal or BACS all details are on our website.
What if I have complaints about my window cleaning?
Please contact us and we will return immediately to rectify the issuer.
Do I have to be present during the cleaning?
No you do not have to be present as long as gates are unlocked to allow access to all areas. We will leave a card informing you we have visited.
Frequency of cleaning?
We will discuss with you your particular needs and agree this with you. We offer 4& 8 weekly visits plus a One Off Service.
Do you Quote before starting works?
We will provide verbal quotes before doing any works. On larger works like Fascias we will provide a written quote if required.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us on 07595035253 should you have any other questions

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LLA Cleaning Solutions, 103 South Street, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN21 4LT

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